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Linda Hello, Thank you for visiting this SUMMERFIELD website.   I am from Chalbury, Dorset, England and have been  researching my Summerfield Family Tree since 1996, after my uncle told me a story of how my Great Grandfather, Percy George Summerfield b. 1882 Middlesex met his wife Anna Isrealsson b. 1888 Sweden,  in America, abt 1906. Intrigued, I began researching and before long, I was addicted.   With the help of my Great Aunt M (from Australia), I managed to get back as far as John Summerfield b. 1831 Maulden, Beds. England and his father William Summerfield b. 1802 Maulden, Beds. Eng.
Doris & Ann I began researching on the internet and came in contact with Doris, who lives in New Zealand and Ann who lives in Australia.  We realised we are related. Doris & Ann are dedicated Summerfield researchers who have a Summerfield Family tree dating back to 1757.  Doris & Ann have been researching the Summerfield's since 1989, so you can imagine the Summerfield Family Tree is quite extensive.  Doris responded to an add in the Christchurch "Press" in 1989 which got her started.  Doris built on the info she received and started to look for the other Summerfield's and related surnames with the help of her sister Ann.  Doris & Ann have created a Family Book dedicated to Henry Summerfield b.1841 Maulden, Bedfordshire, England & Family.  We have been in contact ever since.
Sylvina A couple of years ago I recognised family names in a message on the internet left by a lady called Sylvina.  I contacted her and we found that we are in fact 1st cousins twice removed.   Like me, she is the descendant of John Summerfield b. 1831 Maulden, Beds. She filled in lots of blank gaps for me.  Sylvina is a lovely lady who did not realise she had a family waiting to welcome her in their arms.  I organised a surprise Summerfield Family Reunion for Sylvina, which was just an amazing night.  We shared many stories, family info and fabulous photos. 
Chris Sylvina introduced me to Chris (Aldershot, England) via the internet, who is an avid researcher and has close connections with Bedfordshire. Chris is a descendant of Clarissa Adeline Summerfield b.1866 Maulden, Beds, England and Alfred Stanbridge b.1865 Ampthill, Beds, England.  Chris has a Stonebridge - Stanbridge Family Tree dating back to 1708.  I have recently met up with Chris and found she is a mine of information and a brilliant researcher.  Chris and I plan to trawl the Bedfordshire Records Office in the future and hopefully dig up lots of interesting information. 
Kevin Doris put me in touch with Kevin (Oxfordshire, England). Kevin's link to the Summerfield's is through his wife.  James Cole is her third great grand-father and his daughter Catherine (Kitty) marries George Summerfield.  Kevin has a deep interest in the FISHER family in Maulden, Beds, England and has a Family Tree dating back to 1588.  Like Chris, Kevin has a talent for digging up information and problem solving.

I will endeavour to only present information on this website which is either my own research/photos or where various members of the family have given me permission to share their information/photos.  No information regarding living relatives will be mentioned or photos shown, unless I have been given prior permission. 

Publication Policy:  A "100 year rule" has been applied across the board regarding publication of personal information of living individuals.  All information associated with any person with a birth date later than 1908 will not be published on this website without permission. 

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My Family History research is a hobby, therefore not everything I have researched has been proven.  I would appreciate any response such as update family history or ideas on how to improve this website.  Any mistakes you might find please do contact me so that I can correct them (with proof if possible).  We have made every effort to verify the information contained in this site, however, since the information contained here is a merging from many contributors there may be conflicting information.  The user of this site is responsible for verifying all data against their source documents before accepting any information as fact. 

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Doris, Ann, Sylvina, Chris, Kevin, myself and other family members listed are happy to respond to any queries or questions you might have, please CONTACT US