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These photo's have been kindly submitted by Doris Tutty
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Doris Tutty & Ann Oliver nee Woods are the descendents of :-
William Summerfield b.1757
William Summerfield b.1802
Henry Summerfield b. 1841
William Summerfield b. 1871
Ivy Gladys Summerfield b.1902 +
Alexander S A Woods b.1914

PHOTO'S BELOW - Here is a little bit of  Henry's colourful History

 In April 1865, Maulden, Beds. England Henry Summerfield fathered a child,
Mary Summerfield b. Jan 28th 1865 to Eliza Chapman, they were not married.
Their child Mary died in 1865

Henry married Rebecca Richardson  April 17, 1865 in Maulden, Beds. England
They had 10 Children (see photo's below)
In 1874 Henry and his family went to New Zealand by the ship Crusader
They settled in Oxford New Zealand
Rebecca died 7th July, 1884  1 month after giving birth to her 10th child Louisa.

Henry remarried July 25, 1885, in Oxford NZ to Mary Ann Forbes
They had a son, Francis George Summerfield b. August 4th 1885 died 1952

In 1901 it is believed Henry Fathered a son, David James Grant to Jessie Grant.
In Henry's Will he referred to David James Grant as his son and left him his farm.

Mary Ann Forbes died 1918 - Henry died 1923


Henry Summerfield  Born 06-10-1841  Maulden, Beds. England   Died 14-12-1923  Oxford, New Zealand

Albert Edward Summerfield
b.1865 Maulden Eng.  d.1929 Australia
Henry's 1st born Son, to 2nd wife Rebecca Richardson
Also, Albert's wife
Susan Young Jarvis 1864 - 1948

Philip Henry Summerfield
b.1867 Maulden Eng. d.1946 NZ
Henry's 2nd born Son, to 2nd wife Rebecca Richardson
Also, Lional - Emma's Son

James Summerfield
b.1869 Maulden Eng. d.1906 NZ
Henry's 3rd born Son, to 2nd wife
Rebecca Richardson
Killed while felling a Tree in Wairoa
Early settlers felled the native forest/bush to turn the land into farming.

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William Summerfield
b.1871 Maulden Eng. d.1949 Timaru NZ
Henry's 4th born Son, to 2nd wife
Rebecca Richardson
Also, Mary Elizabeth Grainger
1872 - 1922

Thomas Summerfield
b.1873 Maulden Eng.
d.1949 Christchurch, New Zealand
Henry's 5th born Son, to 2nd wife
Rebecca Richardson

Charles Summerfield
b.1875 Maulden Eng.
d.1951 Auckland, New Zealand
Henry's 6th born Son, to 2nd wife
Rebecca Richardson

Samuel Summerfield
b.1877 Maulden Eng.
d.1923 Wairoa, New Zealand
Henry's 7th born Son, to 2nd wife
Rebecca Richardson

Emma Mary Summerfield
b.1879 Eng.  d.1958 NZ
Henry's 8th born Daughter, to 2nd wife
Rebecca Richardson
Also, Emma's Husband
William George Morris 1877 - 1968

Clarissa  Summerfield
b.1881 Oxford. New Zealand
d.1946 Oxford, New Zealand
Henry's 9th born Daughter, to 2nd wife
Rebecca Richardson


Louisa Summerfield
b.1884 Oxford. New Zealand
d.1959 Oxford, New Zealand
Henry's 10th born Daughter, to 2nd wife
Rebecca Richardson

Mary Ann Summerfield nee Forbes
b. 1840 Scotland  d. 1918 NZ
Henry Summerfield
Louisa Summerfield

 Francis George Summerfield
1885 - 1952  Son of Mary Ann

Jessie Grant
b. 1880 Waimate, N Z
The Mother of
David James Grant
b. 1901
(Father of David is Henry)



Men left to right:  Unknown Summerfield, Henry Summerfield, Unknown Summerfield, Summerfield thought to be William (Bill) , Thomas (Tom) Summerfield.   Front children left to right:  Clarissa, Louisa & Francis George Summerfield and Mary Ann, Henry's second wife.   Oxford, New Zealand Circa 1895

Henry Summerfield & Family
Details on photo

Grant  and Summerfield Family
Details on Photo

Henry's Sons
Philip Henry Summerfield b.1867 by Rebecca Richardson
David James Grant b.1901
by Jessie Grant

Mary Elizabeth Grainger b.1872
William Summerfield b.1871
(son of Henry Summerfield b.1841)
Elizabeth & William
Married 3 June 1986 NZ

Mary Elizabeth Summerfield nee Grainger b. 1872
(Wife of William Summerfield)
with children
Ruby, Mary, Edith, Ivy, Gilbert

Bay Road
From Summerfield Farm

New Zealanders call our native forests, bush. The forests are like your forests but with a thick growth of under bush. 
So when James Summerfield (s/o Henry & Rebecca) was killed while felling bush it would have been a tree that killed him.
The early settlers clear felled the native forest - bush to turn the land into farming.