Mary Summerfield
1804 - 1867



NAME Mary Summerfield
BORN 1804 Maulden, Bedfordshire, England
BAPTISED 27th May 1804, Maulden, Bedfordshire, England
PARENTS William Summerfield and Ann Stanford
SIBLINGS William, Thomas, Ann
MARRIED 3rd March 1823 to Joseph Daniels in Maulden, Bedfordshire, England
DIED 1867, Maulden, Bedfordshire, Eng  Age 64     June qtr. 3b 234
BURIED Maulden, Bedfordshire, England
Children by Joseph Daniels James Daniels     b. 1822 Maulden, Beds. England
George Daniels    b. 1824 Maulden, Beds. England.
Sarah Daniels        b. 1826 Maulden, Beds. England
Charles  Daniels    b. 1828 Maulden, Beds. England. 
William  Daniels     b. 1831 Maulden, Beds. England
Hannah Daniels     b. 1833 Maulden, Beds. England
Maryanne Daniels b. 1836 Maulden, Beds. England
Emma Daniels        b.1839 Maulden, Beds. England

1841 Census
Age: 35
Address:  George Street, Maulden, Bedfordshire, England
With: Children Emma, Hannah, William, George, Sarah, James (no sign of husband Joseph in household)

1851 Census
Age: 47
Address: (George Street), Maulden, Bedfordshire, England
With: Husband Joseph & children Emma, Hannah, Sarah and Grandson Leonard Daniels 

1861 Census
Age: 57
Address:  George Street, Maulden, Bedfordshire, England  
With:  Husband Joseph, Daughter Emma, Daughter Sarah Inskip, Gdson. Leonard Inskip, Gddaur. Elizabeth Inskip, Gdson. Henry Daniels

Mary died 1867