Percy George Summerfield b.1882
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These photo's have been submitted by Linda Heath nee Summerfield

Linda Summerfield is the descendent of :-
William Summerfield b.1757
William Summerfield b.1802
John Summerfield b.1831
Alfred John Summerfield b.1854 & Louiza King b.1866
Percy George Summerfield b.1882 & Anna Isrealsson b.1888
Stanley Herbert Summerfield b.1916 & Margaret Esther b.1915
David Peter Summerfield & Freda Summerfield


Barry is far right

Charles Edward Summerfield know as Barry Summerfield b.1902
(brother of Percy George b.1882)
Son of Alfred John Summerfield b.1854 & Louiza King b.1866
Charles was a Ballroom Dancer/Teacher. 
His wife Gladys Barnes was a Ballroom Teacher.
Gladys was the first person to dance on the
Regent's Ballroom new sprung floor (Brighton).

Mildred, Percy George and mother Anna Summerfield (Isrealsson) In America c.1912

Percy George & Anna Summerfield with their children Elsie, Percy George and Mildred in America c1914

Mildred and Percy George
 Percy & Anna's Children
In America c1912

Anna Isrealsson (top left) and her sisters in Nora, Sweden

Mildred and Percy George
Percy & Anna's Children
In America c1911

Percy G & Anna Summerfield, Annie (Frewin) & Frederick C Summerfield b.1889
(brother of Percy George b.1882)

Elsie Anna Summerfield b.1913 America  - Daughter of Percy George & Anna Summerfield

Barry Summerfield
Elsie Anna Summerfield