Thomas Summerfield
1826 - 1881

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Thomas Summerfield
Baptised: 8th January 1826,  Maulden, Beds. England
Occupation: Coprolite Digger/Publican
Buried: 13th Jan 1881, St Andrew the Less, Cambridge Eng.
1st Partner
Ellen Cole

b.1827 Maulden, Beds. England
d.1901 Maulden, Beds. England
1st Marriage
2nd Marriage
Elizabeth Devereux
m. 12-01-1861 Campton Beds. Eng.
b. 14-05-1841 Campton Beds. Eng.
d. 1897, Cambridge, Beds. Eng.
Occ: Laundress/Charwoman

Children by
Ellen Cole

Children by
Children by
Elizabeth Devereux

Henry Cole
b. 1845 Maulden, Beds. Eng
m. Ellen Bryant
12th June, 1866, Maulden
m. Charlotte Fenn
1872 Cambridge, Eng.

Zilpah Summerfield
b. 23 Jan 1853
Clophill, Bedfordshire, Eng.
Baptised:  6th March 1853
d. Jul 1903 at 
Three Counties Asylum Stotfold Beds. Eng
Buried:  3rd July 1903, Maulden Bedfordshire Eng.

Mary Ann Elizabeth Summerfield
b. 28th  May 1861
Campton, Beds. Eng.
m. Thomas Bowyer
5th November, 1887
Cambridge, Eng.

Ann Summerfield Cole
b. 1847 Maulden, Beds. Eng.
m. William Boxford
17th July, 1865
Maulden, beds. Eng.

Arthur Summerfield
b. 2nd Sept. 1856
Clophill, Beds. Eng.
m. Emma Elizabeth Taylor
1st November, 1894
Maulden, Beds. Eng.

William Charles Summerfield
b. 1863 Campton, Beds
m. Mahala Holmes
1886 Cambridge, Eng.
d. 1925 Cambridge, Eng.


Frederick Herbert Summerfield 
b. 1867 Cambridge, Eng.
d. 23 Dec. 1921 Cambridge


Herbert Charles Summerfield
b. 28th December 1870
m. Martha Purkis 1903
Newmarket, Eng.
d. 1946 Cambridge, Eng.


Emily Ann Summerfield
b. 1872 Cambridge
m. Thomas Joseph Oliver
19th February, 1983
St Matthew, Cambridge, Eng


Charlotte A Summerfield
 b. 1874 Cambridge, Eng.
d. 1875 Cambridge
Buried. 5th Nov 1875
St Andrew the Less Cambridge


Martha Tomlin Summerfield
  b. 1881, Cambridge, Eng
bap. 6th April 1881
m. 23-08-1905
Arthur Johnson