William Summerfield
1802 - 1876



NAME William Summerfield
BORN 1802 Maulden, Bedfordshire, England
BAPTISED 13th June, 1802
PARENTS William Summerfield and Ann Stanford
SIBLINGS Mary, Thomas, Ann
MARRIED 28th September, 1821 to Mary Braybrooke (also known as Jennings) in Maulden, Bedfordshire, England
DIED 1876  Maulden, Bedfordshire, England
BURIED 17th July, 1846  Maulden, Bedfordshire, England
Children by Mary Braybrooke
Hannah Summerfield  b. 1822 Maulden, Beds. England
Thomas Summerfield   b. 1826 Maulden, Beds. England
John Summerfield         b. 1831 Maulden, Beds. England
Charles Summerfield    b. 1834 Maulden, Beds. England
Mary Summerfield         b. 1836 Maulden, Beds. England
William Summerfield    b. 1837 Maulden, Beds. England
Charlotte Summerfield b. 1839 Maulden, Beds. England
Henry Summerfield       b. 1841 Maulden, Beds. England
Hannah Summerfield  b.  1847 Maulden, Beds. England
NOTES Married under the name of Summerville/Somerville

On 11th Sept 1873 Swaffield & Son auctioneers sold the house and garden ground by auction belonging to Wm Summerfield.

1841 Census: Maulden  - age 39  Occ: Gardener

1851 Census: Maulden - age 49  Occ: Market Gardener

1861 Census: Maulden - age 59   Occ: Market Gardener

1871 Census: Maulden - age 69   Occ: Market Gardener