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Photo's taken/submitted by Linda Heath, Sylvina Summerfield, Chris Graham & Roy Summerfield
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Alec Alfred Summerfield b.1918
Died 18th October, 1940 age 22
son of Frederick Charles & Ann Summerfield of Sutton

Albert Summerfield b.1881
Died 30th January, 1928 age 46
Wife Rose Mary Summerfield
nee King
Died 3rd July,1971 age 89
Daughter Lilian Summerfield
Died 18th Aug, 1995 age 86

(Ernest) Alfred Summerfield b.1872
Died 25th September, 1937 age 65
 Wife Susan Elizabeth Summerfield
nee Bandy
Died 20th March, 1959
Son William Summerfield
Lost in France 1918, age 20

Artie Summerfield b.1900
Died 19th Nov, 1979 age 79
Wife Mary Jane Summerfield
Died 3rd July, 1978 age 79
Maulden, Bedfordshire, England

Charles Edward Summerfield 1875
Died 23rd July, 1947 age 72
Wife Alice Summerfield
nee Stanbridge
Died September, 1965 age 92
Maulden, Bedfordshire, England

Charles Summerfield b.1874
Died October, 1949
Maulden, Bedfordshire, England

Frank Summerfield b.1887
Died 13th January, 1962 age 74
Wife Margaret Alice Summerfield
nee Brown
Died 23rd March, 1948 age 61
Maulden, Bedfordshire, England
Frederick Charles Summerfield 1889
Died 16th September, 1959 age 70
Father of Sylvina Summerfield
Wife Winifrede Rosina Summerfield Died 1981
Hannah Catherine Summerfield b.1857
Died 18th October, 1909 age 52
Wife of Herbert Summerfield
Maulden, Bedfordshire, England
Harold Summerfield
Died 1941
Maulden, Bedfordshire, England
Herbert James Summerfield b.1909
Died 7th August 1989 age 80
Wife Lizzie Summerfield
Died 6th February 1999 age 91
James Summerfield b.1830
Died 2nd February, 1895
Maulden, Bedfordshire, England
Joseph Summerfield b.1883
Died 24th February,1976 age 93
Wife Bertha Edith Summerfield
b.1895 nee Summerfield
Died 11th Sept.1985 age 90
Mary Ann Summerfield
Died 1934
Wife of Herbert Summerfield
Also buried Emily Kirby sister of Mary Ann, Died 1938
Philip George Summerfield b.1858
Died 1952
Wife Martha Summerfield b.1859
nee Summerfield
Died 1957
Samuel Kenneth Summerfield b1913
Died 7th September,1944 age 31
Aircraftman 2nd Class
Son of Charles & Alice Summerfield
Victor Summerfield Died 1974 Constance Summerfield Died 1986
Maulden, Bedfordshire, England
Wilfred Summerfield
Died 1978
Wife Alice Rose Summerfield
Died 1957
William Alfred Summerfield
29th September, 1918 Private
Son of Mrs S E Summerfield
Maulden, Bedfordshire, England
William Alfred Summerfield
29th September, 1918 Private
Son of Mrs S E Summerfield
Maulden, Bedfordshire, England
William James Summerfield
Died 1945 age 26, Royal Engineer
Son of Joseph & Bertha Edith
Chris Graham's went to Regina Trench Cemetery, Grandcourt, France to visit Samuel Stanbridge War Grave.  .  This was in the middle of a field.  We had to abandon the car and walk half a mile up a dirt track to get to this beautifully kept cemetery.  Samuel Stanbridge born 1885 Maulden, died 14th February, 1917 during the 1st World War.  Son of Clarissa Adeline Summerfield and Alfred Stanbridge
Edith May Woodcraft nee Sharman
Died 5th June, 1978 age 74
Sister of Constance Sharman who married Victor Summerfield.
 Also, Charles Woodcraft
Died 30th June, 1974 age 76
Ralf Edward Fisher b.1905
Died 7th June 1976
and his wife
Nellie May Fisher (Nen) b.1910
Died 12th March 1973
Were close friends of Constance and Victor Summerfield